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Appointing an expert to look over your bills could be the difference between a good year and a bad one.

Never has this kind of relief been more important for industries like agriculture, with escalating costs and external factors such as drought and farm-gate literally running many farmers off the land.

“Electricity is our number one rising cost and a service very hard to compare through the whole market annually,” explains Lisa Cox, who runs a dairy farm in Yalca, Victoria alongside her husband Stephen.

She is one of many farmers who say it can be difficult to know where to start, who to contact, and where to find the best deals, and of course set aside enough time to compare companies.

“Time never allows for these phone calls to be made, so to receive a friendly phone call and compare all accounts in one call, and have the knowledge you are getting the best deal in the current market is peace of mind and relief that no money is being wasted,” she says.

That’s what prompted Beevo to launch its agribusiness division a few years ago, with over a thousand agribusiness enterprises across Australia now receiving Beevo’s support.

“We saw that the rural parts of Australia are being neglected the service of ‘correct consultation’ when it comes to power,” explains Beevo’s Edan Page.

“We have been in the energy industry for a long time, but offering a bespoke service to each individual farm and knowing what their needs are is crucial. We contact each farm and establish a few key points such as: type of farm, who they are with for power and how much they spend roughly.”

Beevo works in conjunction with agricultural groups such as Jersey Australia to establish the most efficient ways to save their members money.

“It is important for farmers to be aware of the kinds of savings that we can provide them, because ultimately that money could be better off spent on other aspects of their business. It’s equally important they know what they are entitled to as a consumer in Australia. Unlike any high street business, farms use an extensive amount of power which ultimately means we can find even more savings than your average business,” says Edan.

Lisa’s bills were a staggering $24,000 a year, but Beevo was able to reduce this price by almost 30% in just 15 minutes.

“We were really happy to receive a phone call from Will Bloom at Beevo to do a comparison on our current electricity rate. He ran through quotes and comparisons and was able to find a competitive price for many power accounts. We were then able to do a recording and switch providers in the one phone call. Easy, efficient, and cost saving.”

Edan says Lisa’s story is just one example where Beevo has helped farmers drastically reduce outgoings.

“We saved one farmer approximately $30,000 over 12 months and of course, for any business that kind of money is huge – but especially for a farmer where everything they grow or build is not only for them, but for generations below them too. The money we save stays in Australia and creates bigger opportunities for Australian farmers to grow their industry.”

Lisa says she’d certainly recommend Beevo’s services to industry peers.

“It was easy, efficient and friendly. We maximised savings and there was minimal fuss in transferring providers.”

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Beevo is a one-stop shop for all of your business services

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