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    “The Beevo team have assisted many of our tenants connect services. We continue to receive good feedback from our clients about how much easier it is to use Beevo than multiple separate suppliers.”Greg Tate

    Greg Tate

    Associate Director
    Raine & Horne Commercial Brisbane Southside

    “Our leasing team positions Beevo to all incoming tenants, we rarely find tenants who would rather do this job themselves and I’d rather have the process run smoothly for them.”

    Luke Bisset

    Sales & Leasing Executive
    Teska Carson

    “Not only is Beevo easy and efficient, the broad range of services provided makes life easier as a sales and leasing agent. I never have any problem at all. Once an application is approved I submit the client and they are connected before I know it. Not only do I know that a lease or sale will proceed but my client is also happy that I can offer this service to them at no cost.”

    Lisa Dunne

    Team Leader
    Ray White Commercial Industrial M1 North

    “I have found the partnership with Beevo to be extremely positive for both the agency and our clients we refer. I would recommend Beevo to all other commercial agencies.”

    Greg Crumpton

    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    LJ Hooker Commercial Penrith

    “We’ve had a great response with Beevo. The thing with commercial tenants, they won’t shop around, they don’t have the time, so a service like this is saving them not only time, but money.”

    James Dodge

    Sales & Leasing Executive
    Nichols Crowder

    “Beevo take the hassle out of organising and negotiating essential services contracts, meaning my clients can concentrate on running their businesses. I strongly recommend Beevo to incoming clients but also those seeking cost saving efficiencies with their current providers. And what’s best, it’s free!”

    Milly Stockdale

    Director Office Leasing
    Colliers Victoria

    “In a short amount of time Beevo have been able to save our commercial landlords and tenants many thousands of dollars on both common area ad tenancy electricity. Their turnaround is quick and it is an easy system to use, their additional services are our next focus.

    Rebecca Fergus

    Head of Commercial Property
    Dixon Kestles

    “Beevo have been an excellent resource for both myself and my clients, they have in depth knowledge of service requirements and are extremely efficient.”

    Ricardo Cappelletti

    CBRE Industrial & Logistics Victoria

    “Beevo is an integral part of our sales and leasing process and has been excellent in ensuring all services are ready to go once we hand over the keys.”

    Damien Austin

    Commercial Sales & Leasing
    First National Hills Central

    “Beevo allows us to provide smooth handover to our clients, whilst providing a professional and consistent service to our agency.”

    Angus Clark

    Cameron Industrial Commerical

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