How Beevo helped a small business move to its new home

When Beyond Welding decided to move into a new space, a range of small but time-consuming tasks threatened to get in the way of actually running the small business.

The Melbourne-based welding and fabrication company was moving into a new factory in Dandenong South, but director Lisa Dobson couldn’t spare the time to investigate prices and find a good supplier for each of the various services that a small business needs to survive.

That’s where Beevo came in. Dobson was referred to the company – which finds the best solutions for businesses when moving to a new space, sorting out connection and ongoing account management – by her agent.

“They saved me a lot of hard yards and hard work,” Dobson says.

“We’re moving into a factory and we have to get it all set up with our facilities for welding and fabrication, so there’s a lot involved with that.”

The new factory of Beyond Welding in Dandenong South, in Melbourne. Photo: Supplied

Beevo arranges essential services for any small business, and then works on the accounts, on an ongoing basis, to ensure the company is still gettinggreat deals and service from their suppliers.

All up, Beevo facilitated nine connections and services for Beyond Welding, including the internet, phone lines, Motorpass cards and electricity.

Moving can be a stressful process, and for a small business it can refocus attention away from the most important facets of a company, putting its entire existence at risk.

Beevo’s service gave Beyond Welding the opportunity to maintain focus on the day-to- day operations, and lessened the stress of the big move, Dobson says.

“That’s allowed us to keep manual hands on as well as catering to the new office,” she says.

“Saving me the time of having to shop around for various different connections and organising stuff like our Motorpass card has been huge. These are all the things I didn’t have to organise myself.”

Just days after picking up the keys to the new factory, all the necessary connections were already organised and ready to go, making the moving process as pain-free and efficient as possible.

“Having someone to organise those things was a massive help – that helped to ease somebody else’s workload,” Dobson says.

“The companies they liaise with in general to organise offer great services, and that’s something that’s hard to find. Everything has gone to plan, and now we’re on the right track.”


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