Why commercial agents connect their tenants with Beevo

With so many commercial agents out there these days, it’s more crucial than ever agents find an edge to separate them from the crowd through exceptional customer service.

Craig Chapman is the Sales and Leasing Executive of one of the biggest agencies in Central Queensland- CPRM, and has recently enlisted the services of Beevo to facilitate a hassle-free move in process for his clients.

“I thought it was another way we could be of service to our clients. It was a logical choice, and many of them have since thanked me,” Craig explains.

“I believe my job isn’t complete until my clients are in and running their operation. Using a service like Beevo, just makes the whole process easier and allows me to get on with the next job.”

Beevo took over the reins to help Craig’s clients settle into their new premises, setting up the essentials such as internet, electricity and gas and everything in between.

“Craig’s tenants all come from a vast range of different backgrounds, such as retail stores, industrial sheds and hospitality venues.  Craig is one of the leading agents in Queensland for Beevo and the care he puts into the tenants transition has made it easy for us to setup the services the tenant requires really efficiently.” explains Beevo’s Liam McMahon.

Beevo’s buying power means it has access to competitive rates with suppliers, and this has proved essential for many new businesses starting out or existing businesses looking for a better deal.

“A perfect example is one of Craig’s clients, Trevor, who hasn’t done a sense check on his electricity bills across his pub venues around Soundgate in Brisbane for 15 years.  We were able to find significant savings for Trevor across all his businesses giving him piece of mind and maximizing his profitability,” says Liam.

“Liam has given my clients great service and when I follow up with them, they are always appreciative how Beevo can connect all their service provider needs,” Craig says.

“He’s quick to respond and I always know I’m going to get a response or call from Liam within 24 hours of sending through the tenant.”

Craig agrees the one-stop-shop service Beevo provides exemplifies his commitment to his clients that he’s willing to go that extra mile to ensure they are satisfied every step of the way.

“Craig understands that an agent’s reputation is first and foremost, and has trust in Beevo that we will look after his.  As we are aware these are ongoing relationships that continue for many years, it really reinforces the simplicity and benefit of using Beevo,” Liam says.

“It ensures clients are open for business in no time, with the best part about it, we’re a complimentary service that allows them to focus on what’s most important – their business.”

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Beevo is a one-stop shop for all of your business services

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