The key to getting the best out of a new commercial lease

Dara windows and doors

Whether you’re starting up a brand new business or expanding an existing one, setting up shop in a new premises can be a daunting task.

In amongst the chaos of working with a commercial real estate agent to find the perfect location, the to-do list extends to securing connection of power and gas, setting up telephony and internet, then depending on industry lots of other service requirements like EFTPOS, waste collection and cleaning.

But James Dodge from Nichols Crowder says it’s all too common for tenants to forget to connect the power or set up internet until the very last minute – moving day.

“99% of our clients are time poor,” he explains.

“If we hand over the reins to Beevo, it’s one less thing the client has to remember to do.”

Agents across the commercial real estate industry are turning to Beevo to help take the stress out of the process for new tenants.

Mr Dodge referred his client Dara Windows and Doors to Beevo when they shifted into a warehouse in Seaford.

Beevo set up ADSL, a fax to email service, connected landlines and compared electric providers to secure a great deal.

“We have had a great experience with Beevo and we would use their service again in the future as they have saved us so much time in finding us better deals with new telecommunications and energy providers, especially since we were in the process of co-ordinating a move to a new commercial premises,” explains Dara Windows & Doors Business Manager Robyn Carney.

“They always kept us updated, were very quick to check into and resolve any issues or questions we had and above all else very friendly and a pleasure to deal with.”

Beevo’s Lilly McDonald says it’s the little things that help make the process smoother.

“When Dara Windows and Doors moved in, we couldn’t find the meter anywhere. Turns out the distributor had locked out all of the meters in boxes, it was quite a lengthy process to track it down. But that’s the thing, we always make sure we go that extra step. We’ll never just put our hands in the air and say we can’t find it,” she says.

“We also check in every three to six months to make sure everything is going well.”

Beevo compared electricity providers and managed to save the business in excess of a few hundred dollars a month compared to the deal they were going to transfer over.

“That makes a huge difference for a small business,” Ms McDonald says.

“With every business, we assess the deal they are currently on, and if it’s good, we leave it as it is. If not, we’ll arrange something else and find you a better deal.”

Mr Dodge says the service has been a hit with his clients.

“We’ve had a great response so far. The thing with commercial tenants, they won’t shop around, they don’t have the time, so a service like this is saving them not only time, but money.”

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