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Operating from more than 250 locations Australia wide, it’s safe to assume employment service provider Max Employment is used to hefty electricity bills.

But it’s not just the cost that was getting out of control, it was also the overheads, time, and internal resources that went into the general behind the scenes management of such a large-scale business.

Enter: Beevo, who was able to save Max Employment more than 10% on the close to million dollars a year the company was spending on electricity.

“Beevo has made the process of entering into a national contractor much smoother for us, and have provided wonderful service that has saved us time and resources,” Max Employment’s Project Officer Shannon Bolding says.

“However it’s not all about savings,” Beevo’s James Nooney, who worked on the project, explains.

“Yes, we have better buying power than individuals, but it’s also about providing a procurement service for free, it’s about helping businesses open their doors, fix problems, and then we see how we can make some savings and improve operational procedures.”

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With such a large number of sites to consider, different suppliers meant bills were scatted through the month, and if there were any issues, the company had to chase up each company individually.

Needless to say, this rigmarole chewed up resources, and was one of the major reasons Max Employment wanted Beevo to step in.

Some of the measures Beevo implemented to help free up staff so they could turn their focus elsewhere included consolidating billing into one bill per state on a quarterly basis, reducing services to one supplier, and providing internal support with that supplier as well as ongoing support from the Beevo team.

“We’ve done the homework. We don’t want to work with everyone, we want to work with the best,” Mr Nooney says.

It’s one of the largest jobs Beevo has completed, but certainly not the first, with a number of multinational companies now discovering the benefits of Beevo’s services.

“I would recommend Beevo to other businesses,” Ms Bolding says.

“They provided valuable information while we were looking to consolidate our energy usage to a single provider, and made the process of getting this up and running easy, saving us time and resources. They have also been helpful in resolving ongoing issues with our energy provider.”

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