It pays to have us look over your gas and electricity bills, and here’s why…

It’s likely you’ve dined or drank at one of JBS Hospitality Group’s several hip and happening restaurants and bars.

With 11 venues under the company’s belt across Melbourne, including Palate, Secret Garden and Cushion, along with a number of events including an ice-skating rink during the winter and an inflatable world during the summer, gas and electricity bills were bound to be steep.

But of course, there were savings to be made. Huge savings, in fact.

That’s why JBS Hospitality’s Karen Owens got in touch with Beevo to look over the accounts.

“We’ve got so much going on, we don’t have the time or the knowledge to know where we are getting ripped off and whether we can do better,” she explains.

“It’s so easy to get screwed over. But when Beevo stepped in, we were able to hand over the reins to them and focus our attention elsewhere.”

The savings were bigger than Ms Owens could have imagined.

By moving the company to better deals at more competitive prices, JBS Hospitality is now saving in excess of $20,000 on power and $7,000 on gas.

“At one of our venues, we were paying over $6,000 a month,” she says.

“But Beevo drastically reduced that figure, saving us money in every way possible. That means we not only have more in our hip pocket, but we can now pump that money back into the business.”

It’s little surprise with such huge savings, Ms Owens is now recommending Beevo to fellow business owners.

“The thing is, there are so many overheads these days in hospitality. But anything that not only reduces those costs, but simplifies the job for us, is absolutely worth it.”

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