Setting up shop? Here’s how you too can knock out a hole-in-one.

When Beevo  first established it’s commercial real estate channel two years ago, Cameron’s Industrial were one of the first to jump on board.

And, according to agent Ben Murphy, it’s a decision that continues to deliver for his tenants.

“My contact there, Lilly McDonald, always goes above and beyond and always makes contact with my client the day I pass through the referral,” he explains.

“This has a positive effect on my business and the whole referral process. I couldn’t be happier with the service.”

When Ben leased a new state-of-the-art warehouse to Concourse Golf, he passed them onto Beevo to be teed up with the essentials.

Concourse Golf is a market leader when it comes to quality golf buggies and equipment, having invented the world’s first independently driven, remote controlled push buggy wheels.

“As there was a previous tenant, we needed to have the NBN and electricity, setup into our name,” explains Concourse Golf’s Charlotte Hyne.

“With the help from Beevo, it was amazingly simple. In a quick 10-minute phone call, Lilly had set up our NBN service and electricity. No messy contracts to sign, Lilly read out the terms and conditions over the phone, I agreed and that was it.”

Amongst the chaos of shifting into a new place, it’s all too common to forget to set up electricity, garbage collection, or hook up the phone lines and internet.

That’s why it makes sense to allow Beevo to step in and take care of the rest.

It’s the simplicity of the process that’s making it a hassle-free process for many new businesses setting up shop.

“When a client needs a service or utility connected the process becomes as simple as it could be through Beevo and their relationships they have forged with their suppliers.”

Charlotte agrees.

“I was very impressed on how easy this was. I would highly recommend Beevo to any commercial business” she concludes.


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Beevo is a one-stop shop for all of your business services

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