EFTPOS and Merchant Services

Why should my small business review our EFTPOS service?

There are big savings to be made

The rates charged by merchant service providers vary significantly and there are plenty of good deals out there so it pays to shop around.

Every small business is unique and so are their customers and the spending behavior of those customers so putting in place a solution that is tailored to meet their needs is essential and minimises merchant services invoices.

The option to share or pass on the cost of merchant fees to the customer is also an effective way to reduce costs in your small business.

At least once a year it is worthwhile getting your Beevo account manager to complete a review of your merchant services invoice to ensure your small business is getting value for money.

Technology is constantly evolving

Technology in the merchant service (EFTPOS) space is continually evolving to ensure the customer and merchant experience is constantly improving. Technology allows merchants to track and report on their customer spend and track their funds.

The EFTPOS terminals and Point of Sale (POS) systems have come a long way in the last few years and support marketing, promotions and growth initiatives for small businesses.

Beevo are experts at marrying up your evolving business needs with constantly changing technology to ensure your small business is positioned to take full advantage of what is on offer.

The big banks are now one of many options

Many small businesses falsely believe that they need to setup merchant services(EFTPOS) with the bank they bank with. The big banks realised that by issuing premium credit cards more easily to their customers they would make more money from small businesses when those customers used the cards in store.

There are many merchant services providers in the market who will get the funds into your account just as fast and have better pricing, support and technology.

You don’t even need to worry about this as the Beevo team will explain as much oras little as you want to know about EFTPOS and merchant service providers. The
same Beevo person will look after your small business from the start, middle and ongoing!

Why connect or compare your small business phone and internet services with Beevo?

Small business is our business - we work with over 50,000 Australian small businesses

Every small business is assigned a dedicated Beevo account manager (based in Melbourne) - there for the setup and stays for the support and any issues that may arise

We are very proficient so your time will be spent on the important things while we do the heavy lifting

Learn more about Merchant Services and EFTPOS

There are different payment solutions to meet your unique small business needs

Merchant Services(EFTPOS)

EFTPOS solutions to manage in store/ in person card transactions.

Online Payments

Ability to offer different payment methods to online shoppers for your online store.

Pay by Link

Take the risk out of over the phone card payments with secure payment links to avoid chargebacks.

Event EFTPOS Rental

Solutions to support one-off events and take card payments.

Merchant Services (EFTPOS) fees explained

Terminal rental fees

This is the monthly rental fee to cover the cost of the physical hardware (the machine which your customers tap or insert their cards into).

Interchange Plustransaction fees

This model means that depending on the card used by the customer, the fee will vary as a % of the transaction. For example a platinum credit card will result in a higher fee than a normal credit card.

Blended transactions fees

This is an agreed flat % rate that is changed regardless of the cards used by customers.


Surcharging allows the merchant (your small business) to share or pass on the cost of fees for using a card rather than cash. Surcharging is common in businesses that have many small value transactions however are less common for high value transactions where the fee may be significant.


Will I be charged early termination fees if I move away from my existing merchant servicesprovider?

Typically there are no early exit fees when a business moves away from a merchant services provider. In some cases other products may be bundled in with the EFTPOS product and this may mean a fee applies.

Will switching merchant service providers cause disruption to my business?

There is no point changing suppliers to save money if it ends up impacting your business especially if payments cannot be collected during the transition. The best approach is to keep both services running while the transition takes place and only turn off the old service when the new one is working.

It is important to choose a merchant services provider that has great response times and takes support seriously (real people ready to support), this is especially important during the transition period and in the weeks following the new service setup.

Beevo only works with merchant services providers that have an excellent service provisioning track record and have local support operations.

How much does it cost for my small business to review its merchant services and EFTPOS?

Using Beevo doesn't cost you a cent! We receive a referral fee from the merchant services providers we have chosen to work with. They are happy to pay for the privilege of having you as a customer however that doesn’t mean you get charged more.

It is also important to outline that Beevo recommends merchant services (EFTPOS) providers based on your small business needs and competitive pricing and never recommends providers based on how much we get paid.

When should my small business review merchant services providers?

Once a year is good hygiene to ensure your small business stays abreast of new offers and technology in the market and adapts to any changes in customer spending behaviors.

What is the switching process and how long does it take?

The process Beevo follows is very straightforward:

1) Provide Beevo with your most recent invoice from your merchant services provider via the Beevo website or feel free to call on  1300763764.

2) Your new Beevo account manager will complete a review and let you know the options for optimising the service and the savings available.

3) If you want to proceed we will provide you with an electronic agreement for your review and electronic signature. We will required to collect some information to confirm your identity and the business status.

4) Provided there are no issues with the application the new EFTPOS terminals will arrive within 2 weeks of the application being submitted.

Remember if there are any issues or concerns the same Beevo person is ready and waiting to jump in and resolve any issues.

What if my small business is moving or expanding to a new site?

Beevo can get you set up and operational from the day you move in. Your small business is unique, let us help you determine the best EFTPOS and merchant services solutions, so that you’re prepared and operational from day one at your new location.

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