You hate being ignored  ;  We love making you feel adored  :

That’s why we provide a dedicated account manager for you and your small business. We’re your partner in making business easy — so if there’s anything you want to do, any problem you need solved, we’ll make it happen, all year round.

What’s not to love?

How we help

Start with a better offer. Finish with even better service.

Your business isn’t like anyone else’s. Your stock. Your staff. Your locations. They’re all unique. It makes sense your utility needs are also unique. So, where other companies may lump you with everyone else, Beevo matches your needs with deals designed just for you.

But that’s just the start.

You get a dedicated account manager

Being passed from person-to-person is a waste of your time – we’ll never do that. Instead, you get a dedicated local Account Manager on the ground, in Australia. They’ll get to know you and your business.

Has the power to fix issues fast

If anything goes wrong or you just need support, we’re in your corner. Our expert knowledge and the weight of our customer base make sure your business is always a high priority with suppliers.

You're the boss

Forget taking cold callers from pushy sales people. With Beevo, you decide how and when we contact you. You choose which services we manage. You even choose when to review your set up. That way you can make the best decisions on how to save time and money.

Just like an extra staff member

Our team will work like extra members of your team. They’ll deliver valuable information, how and when it’s valuable to you. So, you know when extra savings are available.

Small business is our business

As a business, your needs are different to residential or commercial clients. We’re experts at delivering business grade service that fits the needs and complexity of your business.

You pay nothing

Utilities companies pay us for the pleasure of your business. And when we represent so many businesses, that gives us clout when things go wrong. For you, we’re free.

Business owner
Name of business

Our service commitment

Whether you’re after space or attention, we’ll give you what you need.

No matter your business size or budget, we’re an extension of your team, ready to make things happen. Just get in touch and we’ll handle the rest. It’s that simple.

Level 1

We’ll only contact you when you ask us to.

Level 2

When there’s something of interest, we’ll share it.

Level 3

We’re on speed dial. Consider us one of your employees.

Don't just take it from us

See why more people are connecting with Beevo

Shannon Bolding

Max Employment

“They provided valuable information while we were looking to consolidate our energy usage to a single provider, and made the process of getting this up and running easy, saving us time and resources.”

Charlotte Hyne

Concourse Golf

“I was very impressed on how easy this was. I would highly recommend Beevo to any commercial business” 

Hayley Thurlow

Minchen Moore Private Wealth

"Our Account Manager was responsive, knowledgeable and extremely helpful throughout the whole process. I’d highly recommend Beevo to any organisation.”