Phones and Internet (Data)

Why should my small business review Phone and Internet services?

There are savings to be made

Thanks to the rollout of the NBN network there are lots of suppliers, great and small, vying for customers. Although the savings margins might not be as lucrative as they were when Australians used the copper network -there are still savings to be made! This is especially the case when hardware is needed or a fibre connection is required.

It is commonplace for rates and therefore invoices to creep up over time and small businesses end up paying much more than they need to.

At least once a year it is worthwhile getting your Beevo Account Manager to complete a review of your telecommunications invoice to ensure your small business is getting value for money.

Technology is constantly evolving

Technology in the telecommunications space is constantly evolving, which means there are more cost effective solutions readily available to help small businesses grow and become more efficient and effective than ever before.

Beevo are experts at marrying up your evolving business needs with constantly changing technology. We will ensure your small business is positioned to take full advantage of what is on offer.

Not all NBN and support plans were created equal

When it comes to data plans and support quality, the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ generally applies. Most small businesses are severely impacted when they have disruptions or slow internet. In severe cases, no internet may mean no operation at all or even the ability to take customer payments.

It is very important to ensure data plans and speeds are adequate for your business and that the support promise being offered by the supplier ensures disruptions are few and short lived.

You don’t even need to worry about this as the Beevo team will explain as much or as little as you want to know and ensure you have the right setup. Your Beevo account manager will look after your small business from the start, and ongoing!

Why connect or compare your small business phone and internet services with Beevo?

Small business is our business - we work with over 50,000 Australian small businesses.

Every small business is assigned a dedicated Beevo account manager (based in Melbourne). They are there for the setup of your business and any ongoing support to ensure things run smoothly.

We do the heavy lifting - so your time can be spent on the important things.

Learn more about Australia’s telecommunications network

National Broadband Network

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is Australia’s national broadband network that has replaced copper wires and cable broadband. The new fibre-optic cables deliver faster download and upload speeds to homes and businesses. While the NBN installation is free through the Australian Government, a modem and plans must be purchased through a supplier.

Dedicated Fibre

Private Fibre is like NBN, however it is a personal network. Unlike NBN which is a public network, Private Fibre is distributed, owned and controlled by a telco supplier. The quality and control can be directly managed by the owner which can result in increased speeds and better customer experiences. With this in mind costs can be significantly higher than regular NBN.


Will I be charged early termination fees if I move away from my existing telco provider?

Typically for data only plans there are no, or very small termination fees applicable if you decide to leave during your contract period. If physical hardware is included in your current plan (hardware on a payment plan) this cost might be included in early termination fees for the remaining payments. In many cases hardware can be reused with other suppliers.

Will switching phone or internet suppliers cause disruption to my business?

There is no point changing suppliers to save money if it ends up impacting your business if the internet is down for a period during transition. The best approach is to keep both services running while the transition takes place and only turn off the old service when the new one is working.

It is important to choose a telecommunications supplier that has great response times and takes support seriously (real people ready to support). This is especially important during the transition period and in the weeks following the new service setup. Beevo only works with telecommunications providers that have an excellent service provisioning track record and have local support operations.

How much does it cost for my business to review telecommunications?

Using Beevo doesn't cost you a cent! We receive a referral fee from the telecommunications suppliers we have chosen to work with. They are happy to pay for the privilege of having you as a customer however that doesn’t mean you get charged more. It is also important to outline that Beevo recommends telecommunications suppliers based on your small business needs and competitive pricing. We never recommend providers based on how much we get paid.

When should my small business review telecommunications suppliers?

Once a year is good hygiene to ensure your small business stays abreast of new offers and technology in the market. It is very important to review your phone and data setup as your contract is coming to the end date.

What is the switching process and how long does it take?

The process Beevo follows is very straightforward:

1) Provide Beevo with your most recent invoice from your telecommunications provider and any contract or      agreement (if available) via the Beevo website or feel free to call on 1300763764.

2) Your new Beevo account manager will complete a review and let you know the options for optimising the      service and the savings available.

3) If you want to proceed we will provide you with an electronic agreement for your review and electronic       signature. In some cases we can do this in no time over the phone.

Remember if there are any issues or concerns your Beevo account manager is ready and waiting to jump in and resolve any issues.

What if my small business is moving or expanding to a new site?

Beevo can get you set up and operational from the day you move in. Your small business is unique, let us help you determine the best data and telecommunications solutions, so that you’re prepared and operational from day one at your new location.

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