Commercial Waste and Recycling

Why should my small business review waste and recycling services?

Commercial waste rates change - often!

Commercial waste companies can change the rate they charge your small business for bin pickups and they often do. Many commercial waste agreements allow for this and often customers are not notified of the change.

It is commonplace for rates and therefore invoices to creep up over time and small businesses end up paying much more than they need to.

At least once a year it is worthwhile getting your Beevo account manager to complete a review of your commercial waste and recycling invoice to ensure bill creep doesn't get out of hand.

There are big savings to be made.

Like most things the onus is on the customer to ensure they are not paying too much for commercial waste and recycling. It pays to shop around and not become complacent.

Beevo works with a panel of national commercial waste and recycling suppliers. The suppliers we choose to work with are selected based on their provisioning ability, price and ongoing service commitment.

The good news is there is lots of competition and Beevo are happy to do the shopping around for you to find those savings.

Your commercial waste setup should change inline with your business needs.

It is a well known industry secret that commercial waste companies love nothing more than picking up empty or half filled bins as this means they still charge your business but don't have to pay the tip fees.

There are also many ways to reduce the cost of general waste (typically the most costly) with various recycling options that also help the planet.

It is unlikely that your business will have the same requirements even over a short timeframe. Beevo are experts at setting up and refining cost effective and environmentally conscious waste solutions for small businesses.

To avoid your agreement rolling over!

Many commercial waste and recycling companies have rollover clauses in their contracts. This means that if your business doesn't cancel the agreement within the rollover window the contract starts again for the original term. Cancellation fees can then apply.

The good news is that the ACCC forced some changes around cancellation fees and rollover clauses for small business (less than 20 employees) however that doesn't mean everyone is playing by the rules.

The Beevo team are very happy to explain how this works and ensure that your small business is ready when the rollover window comes around - to make sure you aren't paying too much.

Why setup or compare commercial waste and recycling with Beevo?

Small business is our business - we work with over 50,000 Australian small businesses.

Every small business is assigned a dedicated Beevo account manager (based in Melbourne). They are there for the setup of your business and any ongoing support to ensure things run smoothly.

We do the heavy lifting - so your time can be spent on the important things.


Will I be charged early termination fees if I move away from my existing waste provider?

It is commonplace for commercial waste suppliers to apply early termination fees however how this is calculated varies significantly between companies. In many cases the savings generated by moving suppliers significantly outweighs the early termination fees. Typically commercial waste suppliers can only charge customers for the additional costs incurred as a result of early termination, for example bin collection and cleaning. New agreements can also be forward dated to avoid early termination fees where necessary.

Will changing my commercial waste and recycling supplier disrupt my business?

The new bins from the new commercial waste supplier will need to be onsite around the same time the old bins are removed. Your Beevo account manager will ensure this handover happens smoothly.

How much does it cost for my small business to review waste and recycling?

Using Beevo doesn't cost you a cent! We receive a referral fee from the commercial waste suppliers we have chosen to work with. They are happy to pay for the privilege of having you as a customer however that doesn’t mean you get charged more. It is also important to outline that Beevo recommends commercial waste suppliers based on your small business needs and competitive pricing. We never recommend providers based on how much we get paid.

How often should I get my waste picked up?

When switching suppliers this can be determined from your previous pickups. However when setting up a new business or moving to a new location this can become a little tricky.The general rule is to assume your business will produce more waste than you think and then reduce the bin size or pick-up frequency as necessary. Beevo can assist with this based on your business type, size and our knowledge. We make sure we work with commercial waste suppliers that will vary the bin and frequency requirements as needed and are flexible with customer needs.

When should my small business review waste and recycling?

Once a year is good hygiene to ensure any rate increases can be offset by a competitive offer and also make sure the setup is fit for purpose for your business. If your business is in a multi-year agreement with a rollover clause it is crucial to review this within the rollover window.

What is the switching process and how long does it take?

The process Beevo follows is very straightforward:

1) Provide Beevo with your most recent waste invoice and commercial waste agreement (if available) via the      Beevo website or feel free to call on 1300763764.

2) Your new Beevo account manager will complete a review and let you know the options for optimising the       service and the savings available.

3) If you want to switch it we will provide you with an electronic agreement for your review and electronic       signature.

We can then help you cancel your existing supplier agreement. A quick site inspection might be required for health and safety and then we organise a date for the new bins to arrive. Remember if there are any issues or concerns your Beevo account manager is ready and waiting to jump in and resolve any issues.

What if my small business is moving or expanding to a new site?

Beevo can get you set up and operational from the day you move in. Your small business is unique, let us help you determine the best waste and recycling solutions, so that you’re prepared and ready from day one at your new location.

Does my council provide bins?

If your business is close to the CBD, the council may in some cases supply bins, however the council bins may not meet your requirements. The best thing to do is check with the landlord or leasing agent who assisted you with the move. Beevo is ready to assist should you require a commercial waste solution beyond what the council provides.

Can I change the frequency?

Yes -you can start with monthly or fortnightly pickup and we can always increase or decrease if and when needed. For example if you go away on holiday and your small business is temporarily closed and not producing waste, your waste services can also be paused. If you have an increase in waste volume another week you can request for an additional pickup.

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